Nokia Asha 300, phone with HSDPA and 5MP camera

Nokia Asha 300 is a candy bar phone, which has a 2.4 inch screen size is good and apart from the keypad with three buttons aligned in a straight line. Asha 300 kewyboard quality was quite good and nice hands, big buttons and very good away from the wrong type. At the top of the phone you will find one of three ports for headphones, a second function for charging the battery and the latter is a micro-USB connection port for computer connection denagn. On the right side of the phone is up and down buttons for volume adjustment. Here you will also find a small button, this button is similar to the camera but it is interesting to a locking button click, this is a good feature and useful. Move to the back of the phone, 5MP camera there is a hole in the upper left and lower left is the speaker. On the whole, want to give the design of 4 out of 5 mobile phones.Not bad for a touch and the kind of candy bar handset.

Display: The Asha Nokia 300 has a touch screen and keypad (double input). Now hold your experience and before you get the idea that maybe it has a touch like a smartphone, the answer is no. Resistive touch screen support is also mainly used in low-cost handsets China. Resistive touch screen is not bad actually, still see the price range of this phone. On a resistive touch screen you need to apply some pressure to use interface, but I did not find much difficulty in using it. Yes, there are times when a difficult but once you know the phone and use it a bit, you'll get used to using it. However, resistive touch screens started to show the effects seen on the screen to use it after a few days of usage. Software: As a regular user of this phone, you will be satisfied with the mobile software. S40 is limited to the various aspects, but still works well enough. Yes, there is a handset with Android on them are available in the same price range and this can interfere with many Nokia lovers, but we have to get used to the fact that Nokia is going with Android (sad but true, let us hope for the best). User Interface: Nokia Asha 300 has features such as iPhone unlock keypad. You need to slide your finger across the screen to activate buttons. Now let us turn to the interface that mobile phones give us. The main home screen is very friendly to use and gives you the ability to customize it.At the top you have a large and in the press that will turn your alarm clock and you can give time for the alarm. On the tab is the default calendar, which can also be changed to one from the list of available gadgets. Then came a bar below the standard of your favorite contacts, it also can be changed if you want something else and this can be done on the bar at the bottom, which has the default shortcut icon 4 which can be changed individually as well. So, this means that you really can change the home screen to suit your needs and usage, which is an impressive feature in the phone.Camera:The Asha Nokia 300 has a 5MP camera and doing quite well. The camera takes good quality pictures during the day and capture the colors well. The maximum size of pictures you can take is 2592 x 1944, but it would be better to cut down for better picture quality. Timer feature available, so you can take pics after a certain period of time in seconds. Low-quality video however, I do not like the results of the video that I took as the resultant installed is a bit blurry and not work well with zoom-in. There is one thing that bothers me is when I take a step down when I made the video, the video got a bit wobbly. Video quality can be made better if given the right light and if you do not move too much.The pictures you took on the phone can be viewed in the time line, meaning you can watch them in accordance with the days they were taken. It's very easy to watch them as the days can be easily accessed through the touch of a finger, move them more day by scrolling left to right.Other features include photo editing, there are many options you can choose from such effects, photo frames and wrap etc. You can also add pictures to an album or watch them in a slideshow.

 Message:The message is very easy with buttons that are well designed, fast and can be easily done with one hand. This message can be carried out in the conversation view is simple and traditional view. Archive option is also available so you can save your messages.Music Playback and Sound Quality:Let me really criticize Nokia here, I do not know why this continues to happen. This is one time that has happened to me, headphones are supplied with the handset Nokia just does not seem to fit into the audio port provided on the headset. I have to adjust up and down to get it right so I can listen to music and radio through the headphones. Sorry to say, but I am disappointed with this. I tried another simple headphone knobs are made locally and fitted perfectly coupled with the sound quality is very good. The songs can also be played via Bluetooth. Having said all that, the sound quality through the mobile itself is good and loudspeaker works well.

Batteries:The battery can be charged in about 1.5-2 hours depending on how much it is dried. Talk time is 2-3 hours and the battery can easily stay with you in widespread use upto 1 day or even more. Nokia has not disappointed in the battery of Asha 300.

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