Nokia 700 , symbian bada and Ultra-slim smartphone

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...After my previous review about Nokia lumia 800, I will now review the Nokia 700. Nokia 700 was first released around the end of the year 2011 (approximately October 2011). His phone is included in the ranks of the latest variant of the family of Smartphone symbian Belle. Those come with relying on a touch screen smart phone that claimed the most compact monoblock by the manufacturer. As to whether the performance of the Nokia 700 is. ? So read more...

Nokia claims that this is the smallest Smartphone for now. With dimensions of 110 x 50.7 x 9.7 mm and weighs 96 grams, the Nokia 700 comes with confidence. Coming to the actual design, the Nokia 700 is a beauty. However, some key design elements seem to take up space and hinder the usefulness of the device. For example, a typical panel around the screen extends too far at the bottom. Even when the screen is dark it is difficult to distinguish from the display panel. This can cause mistake in the operation of the touch phone. Adding to the misery is a single slab of the hidden awkward, which is where the house, call and end call / power command.

Also, there is a curved speaker grill that runs throughout all stages of the phone at the bottom of the bottom plate. This is seen both aesthetic and practical design as well. The right side of the phone has a hardware button to lock, the camera screen and the volume rocker. The left is bare.

Symbian Belle was away from the competition when it comes to social networking integration. Only reason for an attempt to create an ideal social networking experience is an application called 'Social' is pathetic to say the least. However, two of the best applications for Facebook and Twitter on the gravity of each mobile OS (Twitter client) and Fmobi (Facebook app) available at Nokia stores. Setting up the mail is very easy and push notifications work fine.

Although cosmetic changes to the OS looks dated. Adding to woes is the lack of quality applications in the Nokia store. But strong for their build quality of this device that can literally pack a punch and deliver a powerful user experience for striking. In short, Nokia loyalists will not be disappointed.

Bright screen and not bad in direct sunlight either. The battery life is good as the phone takes me a half a day with intermittent Wi-Fi and 3G usage. The sound quality on calls once again top-notch.


within the Nokia 700 we will find the next generation of Symbian hardware, running at 1GHz and, importantly, with 512MB of RAM. Symbian ^ 3 device generations largely overcome with 256MB RAM, only to fail to keep everything running when the game is very big 'HD' is played, it's fair to say that Belle Symbian phone with double the RAM is future proven at a significant rate. A faster processor (680MHz cf. the likes of N8 and E7) helps maintain a good interface is responsive, powering through which older devices will lag a bit.

SunSpider benchmark scores recorded on the Web reach 6374ms. Point here, Symbian Web has come on leaps and bounds in terms of compatibility (and performance) - Web on the N8 will not even complete the SunSpider benchmark.

A good real performance test is to enlarge an image resolution of a high resolution and see how long the software needed to open the rack, more detailed view. In the Nokia 700, zooming straight to a 5-megapixel image, the production version of the crisper picture about a second. Compare this to about three seconds on the N8 and E7, although zooming into 8 megapixel camera and a 12MP image respectively. So it is definitely faster all round.

Flash memory is also provided to show a sign of building costs is important for the Nokia 700 is - there is little mass 2GB of memory and no microSD is provided either in the box. so every consumer / user Nokia 700 have reached into the pocket to buy an extra memory card in the shop outside, so Nokia 700 has enough space to space needs.

Radio phone pent band again, of course, so you have to get 3G data virtually anywhere in the world (although the network of contracts and agreements), plus Wi-Fi set and regular advanced Bluetooth profiles.

Sensors including GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer, and I am very pleased to see both 2mm and microUSB charging - such flexibility is very useful when on the road.

At the rear of 700, embedded EDoF 5 megapixel camera, an odd downgrade of components C6-01, although I suspect that the physical depth of 700 (under the ruler 9mm in my opinion, no matter what the specs claim) has a lot to do with the selection of components - the camera sitat the bottom of the screen components and really not much room for any camera. So the whole camera Nokia 700 is quite disappointing. Does Nokia 700 have been using camera 5 MP, but by no means as good as the N95. Image quality is significantly lower than that of C6-01, also EDoF, of course. There is a (token) single LED flash and, at the bottom of the battery cover, capturing a single point of doing a fairly decent job to keep the phone cut together.

Nokia 700 battery

The new battery, BP-5Z, 1080mAh rating, on the small side for a Symbian Smartphone, but then the battery capacity of C6-01 is a bit lower and looks more than up to the job. Device with 3.2 "screens tend not to be used to see the same intense media and web browsing, say, people like E7 and competing 4" Android smart phones have to endure, so that a relatively small battery may prove more than adequate. In the hands of a typical, 700 will easily pass through one day of use, maybe two if used sparingly.

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