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Sony Ericsson seems to try to find another gap in the Android smartphone market products. Through XPERIA Active, automatic segment directed to those who are young, active, but still pay attention. Moreover Active priced with Live View, a touchscreen wristwatch that also befungsi as notification different events on your phone. Is this an outdoor smartphone that you have been looking for this?

[Tab: Design & Display]

By design, Active nothing like an outdoor phone. The design is quite unique, with the connection holes are "stand alone" at the bottom of the body, which also serves as an opening rear outer casing. At the bottom there is a rear body cover that serves to prevent the entry of water into the engine, so overall Active has 3 parts which can be easily separated.

Unlike most other mobile phones, Active putting a 3.5mm jack and a microUSB port on the bottom, complete with a lid that must be used when you want to invite Active activity in the water. While the power button itself is on the left, and the volume buttons on the right side. Not to forget the 3 pieces touch sensitive buttons below the screen to access functions Back, Home and Menu.

On the Home screen, you will find a typical display of XPERIA series with "island" menu are small at each end of the screen, which you can edit as needed. By default, there are 5 home page with various widgets that are provided as a quick call to a contact that is labeled with the iconic star, voice and Wi-Fi widgets, tips on maximizing mobile phone, music player widget complete with album art and music controls, weather widgets, pictures, and more more.

Its impact on the lack of regulation on stem notification shortcut that only displays the name of the operator and notice only.
[Tab: Features & Benchmark]

The various features that are expected to support the activity of users in Active injected through applications like Sporty Pal Pro, Javelt, Walkmate, Flashlight and Compass. With these applications, you can monitor the progress of the exercise or exercise day-to-day, looking for directions while adventuring in the great outdoors, even making Active as a flashlight.

But not only that, Active also comes with Live View: a "window" mini connected to Active and you can wear in the hand like a wristwatch. Here, you can see the information if there is an incoming call or SMS, Facebook notifications to. To make this, you need an additional application that can be downloaded for free from the Market.

Turning to the various tests, when tested using the Quadrant to assess overall performance, obtained the highest points in 1555 that are still in the Nexus One or even the Samsung Galaxy S.

Vellamo generate 914 test points, 3 tablets under the famous Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer Iconia Tab and Asus Transformer. From the results it can be seen that excels in the sector Active Rendering and Java Script, but less in the User Experience and Networking.

With a 3 inch screen, Active able to respond to 4 touch at the same time. This means there will be no problem when you play a variety of content and games on it that requires more than 2 finger touch.

[Tab: Multimedia]

The music player on the Active has a view that is quite interesting. Not surprisingly given the Sony name in this field. You can get different skins when the screen orientation changes. About the sound quality certainly did not disappoint, especially with the presence of xLOUD that you can maximize when I heard the song a gang. In addition to the sound balance settings (equalizer), while playing a song, you can choose various options such as looking at the lyrics via Google, watch video clips or karaoke on YouTube, search for artist info on Wikipedia or seek other extensions.

Turning to the sector of the camera, 5MP resolution may no longer be carried by special smartphone at the price range of Rp2 million. But what makes me really excited is the ability to record video Active in the water. Prior to it, let's see first photo camera supporting features. In addition to the resolution option, there is scene recognition, touch capture, self timer, flash, geo-tagging, continuous auto focus, smile detection and 3D panoramic views across the new optimal 3D screen. The results are quite average, both inside and outside the chamber. Oh yes, to capture low light in the room, you can still maximize the role of the flash.

Now, move to the side of the video recorder, there are interesting things that I found from the recording Active. Back when I reviewed the Samsung Xtreme outdoor phone, audio recordings very rumbled when the phone is inserted into the water. But what you can get with Active much better. In addition to the HD resolution that produces smooth video, the audio is also reliable. You can also stay connected with relatives at the same time having fun in the pool with people nearby.

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