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You an adventurer? and look for a cool gadget to be invited to an adventure? like you should read this ...
 - Sony announced a suitable camera to take an adventure. With a super ability that can be operated in a variety of terrain, even in deep water.

The camera is called the Sony Bloggie HD Sport. With the ability of waterproof to a depth of 16 feet (approximately 4.8 meters), the mighty camera can be used to dive and catch the moment pulled under water. In addition, anti-bumping capabilities owned the camera, capable of providing security to the user, if the camera fell to a maximum height of 5 feet (1.5 meters).

In addition, Sport Bloggie HD camera also has the ability to dust resistant (anti dust) so resistant to objects or particles such as snow, mud, soil, rain and other splashes. As reported by Slash gear, Friday (16/03/2012).

When taken a dive in the ocean for instance, underwater modes which can be activated, automatically adjusting white balance and contrast balance, and set it to produce a more natural blue color. This camera has a resolution of 5 MP and also the ability to record Full HD video (1080p) is sharp.

This powerful camera has a 2.7 inch touch screen and flip-out USB that allows users to connect the camera to the computer to upload pictures or video, and can also perform battery charging.

Sport Bloggie HD camera is also equipped with Sony's Exmore CMOS sensor technology and can perform up to 4x digital zoom with auto macros. There was also a feature Steady Shot image stabilization, shots Share tags and LED lights. The camera is capable of detecting this face also has a HDMI output port.

Superior camera which can be used in various fields is said to have started shipping this week. Bloggie Sport HD Sony camera is priced at USD179, 99; this comes in blue, black and red