Samsung i900 Omnia review, phone with windows phone7

as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers, Samsung does not want to misscreating a product with the Windows 7 operating system. The phone is calledSamsung and Samsung Omnia 7. The design is quite good noodles with a metallic finish that looks exclusive. Equipped with a bandage Super AMOLEDdisplay and operating systems that run Windows 7. Samsung Omnia 7 have an edge on the display screen. Supported by SuperAMOLED screen technology 4 MCI and a resolution of 800x480 pixels, the Samsung Omnia can display 16 million colorson the screen is bright and flashy. Dimensional size of the latest Samsung phoneis quite slim at about 122.4x64.llxll mm and weighs 138 kg. That way, the phonecan be said noodles are easy to carry anywhere, or put your dalamsaku. For those of you who have a large enough size jan, on-screen keyboard is quite comfortablenoodles phones to be used.

When I first saw the Samsung Omnia in you'll find three buttons at the bottom of the screen, the Back button, Search and Start. At the top you'll find a microUSBconnector with a sliding cover. 7 mi Omnia also comes with the camera feature ofSMP in the back with a resolution of 252x1944 pixels. Camera is 5MP CMOSartificial lens that comes with flash lights and other additional features like autofocus, GEC-tagging and image stabilization. But unfortunately, the camera is not equipped with a cover noodles / protector.
The device is very well made, the chrome and black casing feels solid and does not seem to attract the usual problems seen finger marks on most phones thesedays to the same extent. The back is particularly difficult to characterize. It is alsonot too heavy on the other 125g. It seems to follow the current trend to maintainregular phone fascias and there minimal.Top device power button and status LEDindicators. Re also very small hole.On left side of the phone, at the upper endthere is a possible connection stylus lanyard or separate, more later. Towards the bottom is covered multifunction jack for headset use, and charging.Top PCconnection from the right side is a special launch of the Main menu button; Below is a volume up / down rocker and finally the camera key.

The bottom of the unit holds no more than a mic.
 On the back you can find a 5 megapixel autofocus camera and LED flash. The Camera is great, the options and use of the 5 megapixel autofocus was superb and probably the best I have used in a long time, also included was smile as well as face recognition, which seemed to work well enough. I liked playing with such options as the panoramic mode. The photos achieved overall means that you can do away with your extra point and shoot camera, when going out.

The screen is not quite a bright and vibrant as certain new devices lately, although adequate and I definitely preferred the manual settings over the automatic mode, I also had a minor issue with the fact then when displaying a photo, occasionally the phone would fill in the side with a section of the photo repeated, to make up for the longer screen. Having said that, when searching through lists and websites the longer screen was a pleasant extra, as you can see more of the page that you are viewing. Opera worked very well in this form and there is also a built in page zoom when the side of the screen was touched.
The call quality and signal strength indicator appear more than adequate, the earpiece and speaker phones work very well. I also found that the battery life was reasonably good with light to moderate use a couple of days between charges, heavier use of Sat Nav etc. reduces this dramatically.

 contents of the box lumina
·         i900 OmniaMains
·         Wall charger with propriety connector
·         USB to propriety connector PC data cable.
·         2 part stereo headset allowing own set connection through an adaptor.
·         Spare earpiece plungs
·         Detached telescopic stylus
·         Getting started disc
·         Quick Reference Guide included